Phibrows Training

4-5 March 2019 Tirana, Albania

One course 2 master

Erlinda Ogreni & Blerta Dujaka

📌 PHIBROWS training is the best choice for your professional activity.

📌 The training will be 2 days in class when you will practice on latex and on real model followed by the master.

📌 After the training you will have access for 6 months on CRAFT MASTER application when you will be followed by your master every day. In this time you will be prepared for being PHIBROWS artist by passing levels.

📌 Included is one Premium Starter Kit full of material for more than 80 treatments with the best pigments and tools on permanent make up industry.

📌 During the course you will learn about contraindications, disease and hygiene. Part of theory full of information for who wants to learn about permanent make up.

📌 Explanations for all you need to prepare your work place before the treatment.
📌 Preparation of the client for the treatment, and after care.

💡 The seats are limited so if you want to change the quality of the work and being part of the best academy in the world you can choose only PHIBROWS.

For Registration please call : tel: +355693224546 & tel:+38349306900

Email : erlindaogreni.phibrows@gmail.com & blertadujakastudio@gmail.com





The Art of Microblading makes you have

Perfect and Natural brows every day!


What is Microblading

How does it work?

Microblading is a new form of semi-permanent make-up for your eyebrows. It is a manual process performed with a handheld tool that permanent make-up artists call a microblade.

Using a microblade, permanent make-up artists deposit pigment into the upper layers of the skin in hair-like incisions to enhance, reshape or fill in your eyebrows. The results give you breathtaking and natural looking eyebrows!


Are you interested in being a

microblading model for our

training courses?


About Master Artist

Linda Ogreni

Linda is the founder of Aesthetic & Permanent Make Up Studio located in the center of Tirana, Albania. She is the FIRST AND ONLY PHIBROWS MASTER in Albania and has completed more than 3000 treatments of microblading. Also she is artist in other techniques on permanent makeup. Lips , liner , phiremoval , shading brows and soon with new treatments.

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